A data platform that just makes sense.

A connected DaaS Platform


Easily achieve better customer acquisition with more targeted advertising opportunities and higher visibility to the customers looking for the products you offer.


Kyper Market gives your current and future customers instant access to individual datasets, improving your conversion rates.


Further improve conversion and retention with our detailed usage analytics and sleep easy knowing your customers are here to stay.

Make it Your Own

With your own customizable company page, you can easily make your brand recognizable, highlight what’s new, and offer all of your datasets in one place

Wherever it is, your data is safe

Whether you choose to host your data on your own servers or to host it through us, Kyper Logistics keeps your data safe and lets you keep control of your data while allowing you to take full advantage of the Kyper Market.

A Daas Platform for

Browsing Analytics

See what datasets your customers are most interested in, what drives them to make a purchase, and use these insights to improve both your customer relations and sales.

Usage Analytics

See what data your customers use, how they use it, when they use it, and more, and use those insights to better understand and serve those customers.

Our Partners