We’re connecting the data ecosystem.

Big Data’s Big Problem

The volume of data being produced every day is growing exponentially, and it holds unlimited potential to solve and prevent problems, make predictions, and drive innovation. But this potential cannot be achieved with the current Big Data ecosystem - data exchange is disconnected. Simply put, most data is inaccessible to users and those users are inaccessible to data publishers.

Our Solution

So, we set out on the mission to connect the world’s professional data by bridging together the supply and demand of data on one powerful platform: Kyper. Kyper is a cloud-based Data as a Service (DaaS) platform that connects data publishers from around the world, automatically provides their datasets in spliced, standardized, and fusible formats, and allows users to find, purchase, and analyze the exact data they need in just a few clicks. We’ve not only connected the data ecosystem - we’ve set the stage to revolutionize it.

Our Team

With experienced big data researchers, developers, and professional data scientists from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Google and others, our team is woven from some of the country’s top institutions in the field. As data users ourselves, we're bound by our vision that data holds unlimited potential to solve and prevent problems, make predictions, and drive innovation, and we are committed to unlock data’s potential and enable you to quickly discover data you need to drive your ideas and organization forward.

Michael Chang

Michael started his first startup 4 years ago, building one of the first big data asset management funds. He has extensive experience in data science. As his first job at Foxconn, he used massive amounts of data to identify and solve the relationship between weather and a major manufacturing failure which cost tens of millions per quarter. His work has been featured on the cover stories on several prestigious journals. Michael holds a diploma from NTU, Taiwan and a Ph.D from MIT EECS.