We’re connecting the world’s professional data.

A cloud-based DaaS platform offering the world’s data, all in one place.

Efficient, standardized, powerful

Kyper is a cloud-based Data as a Service platform that connects individuals, organizations, data publishers, and developers, making standardized datasets of any type and any size available all in one place. We have rethought and restructured the entire workflow, creating the most efficient, standardized, and comprehensive DaaS platform available on the market today. This DaaS platform enables you to quickly find the data you need to drive your ideas and organization forward.

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An Unique Delivery

A Daas Platform for


Whether you’re a data analyst, financial quant, professor in academia or app developer, we’ve created the Data as a Service platform for data scientists, by data scientists. Find, purchase, and immediately use the data you need, in just a fraction of the time, and in the API of your choice.

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Offer your current and future customers one, simple solution for their data needs by partnering with us. Secure data exchange, customizable company page, hosting freedom, better acquisition, higher conversion, and higher retention - Kyper’s DaaS platform just makes sense.

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